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June 28, 2022


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Alas, McDuffie's article was designed to persuade more than inform and likely was effective enough with blacks who are dissatisfied with their position in the US's social hierarchy. It's hard to hear that intractable problems in one's community stem from lack of virtue or intelligence and that one should simply be grateful, etc. Blind optimism combined with iconoclasm can quickly lead to terrible consequences, however. And no matter the personal foibles of those who generated and wrote the Constitution, it has generally served in maintaining a safe, stable society in which all people have protections against each other and the government. It's an age-old conundrum: good men may not make the best decisions or be the best leaders while often corrupt men serve admirably in such capacities. The framers of the Constitution would, of course, have been more virtuous than not. Though I wonder if some subset of virtues maybe applies to leaders who are somewhat morally challenged yet otherwise excel in making good choices for their people: erudition, loyalty, perseverance, courage, etc. It might be beneficial to a society like ours in which The People often give an adolescent response to imperfections in their leaders, resulting in disrespect and negation of all that person's good qualities. Though this wouldn't solve the problem of not liking one's place in the hierarchy - a strong motive to destroy it or abandon it altogether. I admire your efforts at reaching out to those who'd do one or the other, Selwyn.

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