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June 24, 2022


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I'm surprised you haven't chimed in on the SCOTUS decisions this week: religious schools being eligible for the equivalent of vouchers in Maine and, of course, Roe vs Wade being overturned. Instead, you're making some straw man argument about what is a woman. Are you actually reading the news this week or have you spent all week perusing WebMD?

Selwyn Duke

Dear TJ,

Thank you for responding. First, I'm not a slave to the news and don't feel compelled to talk about an issue simply because everyone else is consumed with it.

Second, I've addressed the issues underlying the stories you cite in the past.

This said, I discussed Roe v. Wade yesterday for the first 20 minutes on Talkback; the appearance is at the top of the blog.

Moreover, I'll have at least one abortion piece published tomorrow and three coming up in the next issue of The New American magazine.

As for a "straw man argument," I don't think that means what you think it means.

God bless,

Selwyn Duke


"Straw man" means precisely what I say it means, no more and no less.

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