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July 04, 2022


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Oh those poor gas station owners. I'm sorry but my powers of observation suggest that these many businesses sell soon much gas that even a 2 cent profit is quite lucrative or something's wrong with your and Jeff Bezos' calculations. There are a tremendous number of gas stations all over my state and only occasionally does one go out of business, even the old unappealing ones keep going year after year. Furthermore, I've seen at least 60 cents difference in the daily price of gas where I live and across three other states since the prices went sky high. There's obviously more to the story you're selling, Selwyn. Even the delusion that these are wholesome mom-and-pop establishments is part of the scam. Most are chains and the people working there aren't the owners (who will own multiple stations). There will likely be consequences to pretending these are small businesses. Really, why take this tack just to get the spigots open?

Robert Berger

Great ! Put Joe Biden in the same category as Stalin . Make Biden look like a communist tyrant and blame him for all of the inflation and other problems currently plaguing this country . Fact : US presidents do not have the power to cause inflation , and inflation is happening all over the world now . The causes are complex , too complex to cover here .
While conveniently overlooking the horrendous economic mess Donald Trump, who was by far the most corrupt, incompetent, clueless, inept , divisive and destructive president in US history, left for Biden to clean up .


Wow! This column really set off Bozo and Bippy above me. Imagine defending a senile pedophile hack


Or imagine defending the corporation of 7 Eleven as if it was a small, family-owned business, or Walmart, or that big online behemoth ...

I got $4.18/gal down the street at the grocery store and the QT. What about you, genius? Think the Raceway can afford to go that low? You bet they can. But they won't with ninnies like you and Selwyn around.


It IS a small business for the owner of the individual locations. If you think gas stations are "gouging" people and could lower their prices, you don't know the first thing about economics


Isn't there a song about a fool and his money? It is you and not I who knows nothing about economics. Gas prices vary widely where I live. Today I noticed $3.68 to $3.95 as the range. Individuals don't necessarily own each individual station. You and I would both have to do more research to determine what percent would be family owned. Besides I usually fill up at the grocery store, a chain as are most gas stations. Chains, franchises, corporations, whatever - the question is more narrow than "economics".

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