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November 29, 2022


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Eric Hodgdon

And, in Nevada, it was voted for this election. :(
Also, some-how, some-way, the state turned more Blue this election. Nevada ranks with Pennsylvania in election corruption !

This RCV/TFP system will only FURTHER the lost cause of elections, as tradition poisons change, see Arizona. My firm thoughts are to fight in retaining our Federative Republic, and if achieved without bloodshed, make further safeguards for extra Public oversight with more checks and balances. If bloodshed occurs, sadly then, so be it, for when defending against corruption and invasion, all means must be considered. Non-violence is preferred.

Most Americans, if given truth and time to consider, weigh outcomes, and possibly think things through, would make the correct choices, but maybe not too. Voters are part-time workers making decisions in the minority, for when the majority does not vote or participate, the outcome is from a minority. The many factors determining our election outcomes is much more than presented here.

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