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February 02, 2023


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Eric Hodgdon

I'll repeat: From the start I did not give this C19 thing much worry as it unfolded into what it became, but, it did get me to watch the news again. And, early on the two solutions were dismissed - HCQ and IVM. What a great tragedy that was !

Lost lives and bad economics along with cracks in our systems bringing greater turmoil, but we are still here. Wisdom, mine, points me to confess nothing other than not speaking more sternly and slapping the faces of the hysterical ones around me, for it was plain to me that the hype fed fear cowed the masses with little reason in counterbalance. For the scientific community, which I'm somewhat a part of, to have such a vile response, in supporting the fraud, is sickening.

Eric Hodgdon

Good piece.

Once I found WarRoom with Bannon, in March or April 2020, I found reasonable news by rational people. The utter slander by MSM about Trump made it clear they were the major problem in shaping the digression of viewers into, hate to say it, but, SHEEP! However, weak-minded people are more malleable with humanity still a long way away from being responsible souls.

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