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February 14, 2023


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Imagine what they're like at home. My mother only allowed us to eat while seated at a table. Period. We also couldn't walk on furniture - not even "old" furniture. Like she said, "They don't know the difference between a old sofa in the "rumpus room" and a Louie the 14th chair. It's called consistency.

Robert Berger

Another straw man argument Selwyn Duke . You imply that liberal parents don't discipline their children , don't. believe in disciplining children and allow them to run amok in public, which is just plain ludicrous .


As someone who actually used to work with special needs children, I can attest to the fact that the children are behaving badly of late. I don't stick around during some kid's tantrum in a public restroom to do much of an evaluation, however, these bad kids are apparently not among the developmentally delayed. Nevertheless, they are surprisingly immature for their age range. About seven children have drawn negative attention to themselves in various places I've been over the last six months, all but one were boys. They were all with their mothers who were patiently still exerting some control over the child despite not keeping him quiet. So the parenting itself may not be the underlying problem.

I've come up with a list of possible reasons for a spate of oppositional-defiant youth:

Junk food
Something in the water
Computer games
5G signals in the airwaves
Absent fathers
Testosterone (a good child is usually a girl child)


Zoos are for animals and boys!


Kids are taught no respect for authority. I saw this in the schools every single day - kids were allowed to completely disrespect teachers in the most vile manner (telling teachers to shut TF up, calling them every racial/sexual name possible, interrupting lessons, etc.) and the school allowed it. Teachers are no longer allowed to suspend kids for "willful defiance" - refusing to follow such basic rules as sitting down in their seats, doing their work and not disrupting others. This, of course, goes out into large society.

Eric Hodgdon

If "liberty" is defined as "to do as one pleases" then it will be so and we now have much more liberty on display. Freedom is another word taken at face value too, as in freedom "to do as one pleases." So, I'd say, either the words are being used correctly or the clauses of caution attached to these words are not being taught. Thus, are the words true by themselves, or are there conditions to go with these words, such as freedom and liberty ? Obviously, without conditions attached to these two words, their meanings are useless for civilized society. Just as "free markets" are not, unless one wants economic anarchy. And so, political anarchy must be too. Therefore, we have structures of some sort whether formally by government and laws, or by informal agreement with a lot of hope, or no holds barred anarchy - i.e. unfettered freedom and liberty.

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