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March 29, 2023


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Robert Berger

A number of African nations have policies of. persecuting gay people . Some have even called for executing them . Should America just sit by and allow these countries to persecute gay people there ? I think not . And in the Muslim republic of Chechnya , Vladimir Putin's brutal Chechen puppet overlord Ramzan Kadyrov has set up a concentration camp where gay Chechens have been tortured and murdered . How nice of him !
A vicious America homophobic bigot , the Massachusetts "pastor " Scott Lively, has encouraged the government of Uganda to persecute gay people there and he has also been encouraging the Russian orthodox church to persecute gay Russians . Barack Obama did the right thing even if his efforts were unsuccessful . And President Biden is carryng on his efforts to protect LGBTQ people in the US and abroad . The International Court in the Hague has been trying to criminally prosecute Scott Lively for crimes against humanity . Good for them ! Countries which persecute gay people are no better than. Nazi Germany in its persecution of Jews . The Nazis also murdered gay Germans .


"It also may be the hill the last of America’s global influence dies on."

It is certainly true that you can be a victim of your own success; Though in this case the rest of the world and US non-elites are the victims of those wielding power in/from the US. I can't understood the values being promulgated by the West or why our elites are so hellbent on remaking human nature. I used to believe that feminizing men was meant to end wars but that was clearly a false promise. Sad to say, the world will be better off if the US loses its position as hegemon. I only see catastrophe resulting if the US prevails against Russia.

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