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March 16, 2023


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Robert Berger

So ? Between 2016 and 2020 , Donald Trump conned millions of gullible Americans into voting for him for president , even though he had zero qualifications for the most difficult job in world history , no record of public service , no experience in politics , was nothing but a large scale con man and grifter , had never had a single successful business , opened up a bogus "Trump University " , lied about being a billionaire even though he has never been that wealthy , is a shameless serial adulterer who boasts of cheating on his wives , is a notorious womanizer and sexual predator , lost a staggering amount of money as a businessman through his incompetence, stupidity and recklessness , lied about being a devout Christian in order to win support and votes from conservative Christians and. prominent religious leaders , claimed to be "pro-life" even though he has paid his mistresses to have abortions in the past , is very poorly educated , can barely read and never reads books , knows nothing about economics, US and world. history , foreign policy and foreign affairs , has dementia and babbles idiotically and incoherently , is a. malignant narcissistic sociopath and a pathological liar , was the most corrupt and incompetent president in US history and. mad. made himself the laughing stock of the world with his grotesquely boorish speech and behavior , his utter lack of dignity , tact and discretion and so on .
Trump. is the greatest con man in US history .

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