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March 25, 2023


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Brilliant and powerful!

Eric Hodgdon

There will come a time when the Earth can't sustain life, but not for millions / billions of years. For us, there will come a time when we'll die off or reach other places to live. Some, waiting for Christ, say it matters not. However, the end will not be in anyone's lifetime ( no pun intended ).

Humans adapt; adaptation is what we do. Here, there, and everywhere we adapt. The lights go out, no problem. No electricity ? It will be reinvented ! Take two dissimilar metals and put them in an acidic medium and attach a wire to each - a battery. Magnets and wire make a generator. Or, make a candle. Or an oil lamp. Oil and a wick. Fat works too.

We will survive !!!
Books, you know those things made of paper with ink and some binding. They work when read. Much is still hard copy, the way it must be.

Save your seeds still applies today, more than ever.

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