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March 12, 2023


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Robert Berger

The premise of Duke's argument is false . He is implying that Berne Sanders is a. Soviet style or Maoist communist and that he advocates turning the US into another Soviet Union, which is just plain ludicrous . And even if he were such a now mythical creature , doing this would not even be possible .
All Sanders advocates is dismantling our government's disastrous supply side "trickle down " economic system , which is a terrible form of capitalism which has done nothing but create a tiny handful of greedy superrich Americans while destroying our middle class and. making it almost impossible for the poor to escape poverty . Sanders realizes that prosperity does not trickle . It never has and never will .
You cannot create general prosperity in a country by giving massive tax breaks to the wealthy while destroying its social safety net .
The crumbs from the tables of the rich do not fall down and make the poor and middle class prosper . And you cannot allow wages to remain stagnant for decades while allowing the cost of living to rise steadily . This is exactly what the Republican party has been doing for decades, with disastrous results .
If the rich and the churches do not pay their fair share of taxes , overall poverty for those who are not rich is inevitable .

Robert Berger

Conservatives like Duke are always reminding us about the millions who died under atheist communism in the 20th century . But Stalin, Mao et al did not kill millions of people because they were atheists and socialists . They did so because they were ruthless, power-hungry sociopaths .

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