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July 05, 2023


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"This would be a very effective con if you could pull it off, if you could, let’s say, somehow convince all and sundry that Ukraine is the aggressor for seeking to retake the eastern Donetsk from the Russian invaders."

Though I intend to agree with your views on the transexual agenda, your analogy is incorrect. The Ukraine,along with NATO, threatened Russia with military buildup on Russia's border. Also, since Russia is much less welcoming of mainstreaming trans, you are potentially alienating allies. Consider it.

Robert Berger

The Ukraine is a sovereign ,independent nation which was once part of the now defunct Soviet Union . Vladimir Putin had absolutely no right to invade it , laying waste to it and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Ukrainians and forcing so many to become refugees .


"Vladimir Putin had absolutely no right to invade it , laying waste to it and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Ukrainians and forcing so many to become refugees ."

Interesting that you would contradict Zelensky's numbers on military casualties. Zelensky made the choice to threaten Russia with military buildup designed to continue the defunct cold war policy of containing the now defunct Soviet Union. NATO kept expanding along Russia's border essentially planning to overwhelm Russia and break it into around fifteen smaller countries. Putin responded appropriately by engaging an aggressor when the RF still had the advantage. Stop pretending the Ukraine wasn't doing the bidding of NATO by very deliberately making itself the staging ground for a proxy war. Zelensky and his cronies have grown obscenely rich getting kickbacks from NATO partners while the Ukrainian people have made all the sacrifices. Blame Zelensky for threatening a sovereign state with a strong military. Blame the Ukrainians for not ridding themselves of a leader who's led them to ruin. Don't blame Putin for the necessary defensive action of choosing when to begin the military conflict. All the Ukraine had to do was abide by the Minsk Accords. The battle could be halted before the last Ukraine soldier dies but Zelensky doesn't care; He's getting rich and playing the piano with his penis, while the Ukraine burns.

Selwyn Duke

Hi, TJ,

I've written extensively about how the chickenhawk neo-cons have antagonized Russia and paved the way for what has transpired. I was simply drawing an analogy that everyone would be able to relate to. Also remember that while the Western powers could have proceeded more wisely (and the current cold war/hot war situation was predicted), with respect to Russia and Ukraine, the former is the immediate aggressor in the current hot conflict.

None of this means that we should be involved militarily, of course. We should de-escalate and work toward peace.

God bless,

Selwyn Duke

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