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July 28, 2023


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The professor is wrong. Trumpism is the old kind of fascism. Not Nazism (at least not yet) but fascism.


I keep wondering what books Trump has read on political philosophy. Private high schools seem to induce a near cult-like fascination with antidemocratic political systems. I guess the more exclusive private schools are preparing the emerging oligarchic elite to takeover the US. Yes, I'm saying he has been reading the books assigned to one or more of his kids when they were in highschool. Perhaps Eric or Don Jr read their book reports to Trump. I started noticing the often archaic political ideology of this cohort about fifteen years ago. Did something on of Trump's kids shared with him spark his imagination? Trump's views aren't typically American and they certainly weren't derived from Norman Vincent Peale.

Eric Hodgdon

The above comments aside, there is only the fascism of the DC and Biden Juntas.

State media is not be bothered with and is inherently destructive to our democracy / Republic.

Robert Berger

On the contrary - this is a characteristic of right-wing politicians and. journalists . Trump keeps calling. Biden "the most corrupt president in US history even though he is merely describing himself . And he is the "crooked" one, not Hillary Clinton . I could cite countless other examples of. right-wing projection, but why bother ?

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