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August 14, 2023


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Welcome back from the forest, Selwyn. I was wondering where you had gotten to. Great article. After I read it, it occurred to me how this new view on the value of old trees might just serve several purposes at once. The lie told by sources a brainwashed anti-climate-change fanatic trusts allows tptb to keep these true believers in a trance so they can cut down lots of trees without seeming to be hypocrites and liars. Much land will be cleared for building while the supply of wood increases and the cost of lumber decreases. Meanwhile, the brainwashed climate activists still believe everything the Democrats tell them and will still attack industry on command.

Characterizing the old trees as a burden destructive to new life is actually propaganda substituting a less evil, nonhuman Target for the true target which would currently be elderly white people. This is often done in a nicer way, anthropomorphizing dogs and cats to encourage adoption of human children.

I read an article several years ago connecting climate-change alarmism to what is now called the Great Reset. You may have written it but I can't rightly remember. This is a religion for the naive people who have been convinced that the sky is falling. Funny, the more things change they not only remain the same, they even revert to deforestation.

Good to see you posting again, Selwyn. Hope you enjoyed your break.

Selwyn Duke

Dear TJ,

Thanks for responding, and thanks for the welcome. Yes, the greentopianism is part of the great reset, the latter of which Justin Trudeau mentioned quite explicitly while speaking remotely before the UN a couple of years ago. These people are dangerous because they're profoundly ignorant and morally corrupt, and these two defects tend to go hand in hand.

God bless,

Selwyn Duke

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