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November 18, 2023


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Unintended Consequence

"Implicit in Ventura’s thinking is rejection of the market-system standard — and an embrace of the theoretical communist standard. Of course, none of this is intended. And that he hasn’t thought through his proposal reflects how it is a product of emotion, not reason."

Excellent post, Selwyn. One might ask how much Ventura would get paid for the mental effort of problem solving, planning or damage control for someone who has misspoken.

Thanks for all your keen observations of human foibles through the years, Selwyn. And Happy Thanksgiving! May your blessings be piled as high as your plate.

Selwyn Duke

Dear Unintended,

Thank you for responding and for the kind words. And right back at you with the blessings; we can all use them.

Have a happy Thanksgiving yourself, and God bless,

Selwyn Duke

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