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November 22, 2023


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Gary Robert Collins

I was asked to review. Your commentary by a friend. As I am a respected psychiatrist I can tell you that you probably incorrectly interpreted what you read because this is not the current thought. Do not make assumptions and statements because they do harm and are misleading.
BTW I have never heard of the journal you are citing.


So you're not saying men aren't lunkheads, it's just that they're happy lunkheads. Correct?

Selwyn Duke

Dear Dr. Collins,

Thank you for responding. When I read you were a shrink and were asked to review my work, I thought you were going to psychoanalyze me from afar, as some in your field have done with President Trump. Whew!

You said that you're "respected" — you didn't say by whom. But I have a question: Now that you psychiatrists are long done with lobotomies and have moved on to recommending children for genital mutilation, what do you think will be your next great institutionalized mistake? I'd be interested in hearing your theories on that.

Happy Thanksgiving, doc, and God bless,

Selwyn Duke

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