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February 15, 2024


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" Professor Thomas Sowell has pointed out (videos below), this “black” gangsta culture actually derives from redneck culture..."

Did southern blacks really start the gangsta rap shooting epidemic? I think maybe Sowell was trying to blame whites for black dysfunction and was out of his ken speculating on such matters. "Gangsta" is the operative word here and that was largely a Yankee immigrant contagion. Chicago of the Gang Land game and Detroit are the bases for black gun violence, not Birmingham, Biloxi or Jacksonville. They're also the locales where the epidemic is most intractable.

Selwyn Duke

Dear TJ,

Thanks for responding. Sowell is a very matter-of-fact man, and, to be precise, he correctly tied the cultures of poor white and black southerners together citing speaking style and other factors. He points out that the so-called "black" style of speech actually dates back 500 years to certain low-class areas of the British Isles, and that even back then the people in question were called rednecks and crackers.

This should be no surprise. Our whole culture is a Western (white) one, and this includes it's many good and few bad elements.

As for blaming people, the only ones I blame are the black race hustlers and white liberals who glamorize and thus perpetuate this dysfunctional, low-life culture in the black community.

God bless,

Selwyn Duke


Dear Selwyn,
That southern white culture greatly overlaps with southern black culture is generally recognized. My quibble is with you and Sowell attributing the current spate of black gun violence to this shared culture. My observations indicate that the mass shootings started in places like Illinois and Michigan then made their way down south. I'd even bet on a twenty year lag in southern blacks adopting the gangsta rap lifestyle. It's not just the number of decades since whites were relatively lawless, the gun violence being of the mass homicide variety makes it qualitatively different. I posit that the tendency to settle scores with gun violence didn't go latent then reemerge hundreds of miles north of where it supposedly started. This is northern and not southern cultural influence. A certain segment of the northern black population has adopted the immigrant gang/mafia lifestyle which has gradually made its way into southern black culture via rap music.

Food for thought.

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