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February 06, 2024


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Funny, I thought all the dark angels lived in NY.

I'm not one who goes around conceptualizing the existence of angels but I do think that attitudes can be somewhat contagious. A positive or negative view of an organization or a country can have a tremendous effect. BLM and Antifa certainly embody what you might call dark triad groupthink or what you refer to as psychopathic. Environmentalists have an even longer history of antisocial behavior centered around damaging other people's property. When the uglier traits get normalized or glorified, otherwise healthy people will manifest with dark triad thinking and behavior. It's also common that such thinking includes holding a belief that the people who are to be targeted are morally reprehensible and deserve brutal treatment.

I'd say our current political climate is also characterized by dark triad groupthink that needs reining in by those of us who haven't succumbed. Unfortunately some of the tempered responses are actually acts of cowardice. For instance, impeaching Mayorkas is a legal means of registering disapproval versus Abbott's risky act of civil disobedience on the Texas border. It was idiotic of so many Republicans to balk at taking this step. It's an important juncture for Americans. Do we passively allow the left to bring about the Great Replacement? Do we respond with desperate measures to get our way without sufficiently considering the consequences? Or do we rise to the occasion and use the system to resolve the current crises with illegal migration? You know, do something lawful and effective like giving Mayorkas the boot.


It's "commutarded"...

Selwyn Duke

Dear TJ,

Thank you for responding. No, not all the dark angels live in NY — just an inordinate number. In fact, I think I have a couple in my building.

And yes, evil (dark triad) behavior is being normalized and I believe is becoming more common, as increasing numbers of people are weaned on relativism and aren't instilled with virtue.

God bless,

Selwyn Duke

Bible Prophecy in Action


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