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February 26, 2024


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Eric Hodgdon

Matters less where, how, or why "certain unalienable Rights" exist, but more to their fundamental certainty in at least the USA, and even more certainly as for the sole purpose of forming into these united States, a Republic. Views to the contrary, regarding these "certain unalienable Rights" are meaningless. To say these "certain unalienable Rights" do not exist or are given by government or others, is meaningless as that notion does not follow from word to word and to any meaningful conclusion.

Remember that our framework of organization here is an aberration which continually has been, and continues to be, attacked from within and from without. Our experiment has been radical, and must not devolve by conserving it since what is now in place is a modified degenerate thing. The basic "conservative" must engage the opposition with a radical refresh of what our beginning should have advanced to by now. Of course, no one knows what that might be, except it would not have taken the many spurious paths that have occurred, such as waiting until 1863 before slavery ended, or the current slavery of the so-called "migrants" infesting the country, along with the notion of 'trans people' especially regarding children.

“are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” must be left as is, for it means what it means and needs no further Glorification, however, We know it's based on enlightened nondenominational Christian understandings. Some may say these Rights come from 'God,' while others may say these Rights come from 'the Supreme Architect of the Universe.' Our system allows both and others as the source of our Rights. Inherent works too.


So you're saying a browne stain IS my "authoritah"....yeah, good luck w/that, browwne stain...

Mad Celt

Rights come from God, governments task is to protect those rights. Of course, to the godless everything must have its origins in human endeavors. Rights are not listed in any book, chapter or verse of Scripture but is gleaned from a complete reading of the Bible.

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