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February 09, 2024


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Dear Selwyn,

Upon reading your next to last sentence, "their own evil" brought to mind both the backers and deployers of the Cloward-Piven Strategy that this event -- "responsible for lost productivity and the wasting of gasoline" -- clearly aids such a goal.

I searched your site for "Cloward" and "Piven" and "Strategy," but only strategy came up.

Given your frequent theme that it is a primary moral goal to fight evil, indeed this is one of the times, isn't that particular project one you could expose effectively in your inimitable fashion? The only good reason I can see as to why you haven't done so before is that you didn't believe the backers of Cloward and Piven would actually make sure that project got implemented.

It certainly has in many ways. What is needed is that someone collect almost all those ways in one exposé so that more people come to understand that the C-P Strategy is not simply the wet dream of a pair of radicals. It's here and on-going.

Mad Celt

So, Allah is greater than the flow of traffic. Not by much, of course. Allah is closer to a flat tire.

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