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February 03, 2024


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Isn't Russell Brand some sort of female harassing porn star in a sex cult?

M. Eiford

tj is confusing R. Brand with himself.

M. Eiford

It is NOT a Secret....millions have known for years.


I knew that in 4th grade(1967).


Isn't Tucker friends with Kevin Spacey now too? Just what kind of image is Tucker trying to promote? Is he trying to make conservatives look like a bunch of sex addicts and pederasts or did he get paid lots of money to show Brand and Spacey in a favorable light? Of course Tucker may have gained so much weight his Orville Redenbocker tie has cut off oxygen to his brain. Maybe he shouldn't have stolen O'Reilly's job a few years back. I'd say bad karma personified would look a lot like Kevin Spacey trying to get a date or Russel Brand in the lotus position.

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