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February 05, 2024


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bill josephson

Hoff-Sommers is outstanding, I read "War against boys" I 100% agree with her. A feminist without misandry liking males, a rarity.

A A Ron

This is all by design by China and Russia.
We may have broken Russia in the 80s on the cold battle front but all the communists came over to the US to infiltrate our educational system and continue the battle there.
It's working wonderfully.

Think About It

That's a lot of different numbers you quoted, but no two sets of numbers are really comparable. For example, the sexes "break" x vs. y amount left and right, but then it turns into "percentage points more liberal". This can mean that women have shifted farther leftward than men, but it does not preclude men also shifting leftward.

Are you trying to report facts that you don't fully understand, or are you working backwards from a conclusion you want your readers to arrive at (and have an emotional response)?

I mean, all of this is classic "liberal" behavior, so maybe you yourselves have shifted leftward. And maybe you don't notice it because you're so busy focusing on how much WORSE someone else is. But then again, that's standard operating procedure for Republicans...

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