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March 29, 2024


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Eric Hodgdon

"Liberalism, it is claimed, is associated with tolerance."
Not anymore. Below is an interesting paper from 21 years ago. Since I'm slow on the uptake, I'm reading it for the third time. Written before today's vileness, it lacks the harsh tone some use. It mentions the now standard notion of groupthink and the exclusionary requirements for today's liberal entry fee.
But, I must also mention a similar standard for conservatives. Neither is acceptable, for honest discussion and needed compromising. However, currently, the conservative side is more adept to granting better treatment for opposing views.

Being true to principles is fundamental and being truthful is important to maintain integrity; hope then can thrive if it follows true.

Recovering (from) Enlightenment?
by Steven D. Smith

Enlightenment at our beginning was what drove those to attempt this experiment. Let no one forget this point; Christian, but also Deist. No one can certify faith; faith being held true nonetheless.

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