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April 18, 2024


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Peter York

it just isn't like democrats to lie like this.

huh? it is?


Why doesn't Newsome get the money out of Cali's budget surplus?


California is a one party state and has been for years. Hence, its deep decline. All politicians, with Newsome as the Chief 'One Party' Politician, the nephew to Nancy Pelosi, the adopted son of Getty, the former Mayor of San Francisco whose homeless problem escalate ten fold, the guy who slept with his best friend's wife, while he himself was married to Kimberly Guilfoyle; who agreed that pedophile crimes are misdemeanor (new law) ; who released a number of violent felons from prison during and since Covid and who made stealing an unpunishable pastime (up to $950) for the supposed unfortunate, and deserving- that guy right? All around good guy. He deserves not an ounce of time- he is brainless, and all issues that can't be solved by some kind of give away or way for him to gain financial or politically with his party- well it is just too much for this dude to give his time too or even really think about. The environment, as he cries "green", is not a motivator for this guy.

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