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July 09, 2024


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Today's precision in speech is “Five aditinsthghga air degeeens shystems!” - Joe Biden


Makes sense. Use Artificial Intelligence to get people with Real Stupidity to vote for you.

Robert Berger

I have news for you . Joe Biden isn't "senile ". Far from it . He has a speech impediment which is a holdover from a major problem with stuttering he had as a boy but largely overcame with help . If he seems to get tongue-tied once in a while it's because of his speech impediment .
Most of the time he speaks clearly and he always makes sense . Yes, he may have some other physical problems, but I assure you- he is still sane and rational and. sill. able to do perform his duties. unless something happens to him in the future .
But it's Trump who needs to withdraw from the presidential race . He DOES have dementia and it's no secret that he had it.from the beginning of his disastrous sham presidency . His niece. Mary Trump, a. respected psychologist who knows him better than.any other. mental health professional , has been warning us about his progressive dementia . He actually spoke more coherently than he does now when he first became president . But he still babbled foolishly and his babbling has reached the level of. idiocy and total incoherency . There is something very wrong about a presidential candidate who talks about "the late , great Hannibal Lecter " during a speech at oen of his rallies . Lecter can't be "late" or "great " because he's a fictional character . This is not an isolated incident .
Trump is now a totally dysfunctional. shell of a human being .What little mind and intellect he had to begin with has been destroyed by dementia or possibly Alzheimer's . This. man is. now certifiably insane . A. horrifying combination of insanity, dementia and his innate. stupidity means he is. totally incapable of. fulfilling being president . Why aren't any of the Republicans in congress calling for him to withdraw ? The reason is because they are gutless, spineless cowards who are too frightened to stand up to the dear leader .
Whatever his physical problems , Biden is still sane and rational, has sound judgment , is level-headed and. has the brains , skills and experience needed to be our president . Bur Trump is still protected by the Republicans in congress and his MAGA maggots . At this point, America would be better off with a chimpanzee as president than Trump. If he is reelected this November, he will be a ticking time bomb waiting to go off !


Deepfakes are becoming so realistic one day we might even get fooled into believing that Incelwyn got laid.

Selwyn Duke

Dear Ray,

Thank you for responding (I guess). It had been a while since I'd heard from you. As to your input, you certainly are consistent: No one can accuse you of originality or creativity, but you certainly do stay on message.

God bless,

Selwyn Duke


Dear Incelwyn,
I will change my message when you change yours. But I'm not holding my breath. You were a racist incel POS 5 years ago, and 10 years ago, and still are one today... If you ever STOP being a racist incel POS I will respond accordingly. I guess weirder things have happened, so for the sake of the human race I hope you one day will recover, but, let's be realistic here: you're too old and too dumb to ever change. So I will keep popping by and making fun of your pathetic rear end from time to time, Incelwyn.


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