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the only way to send him back is in a "pine" box..and bury him with dead nazi's


Pray for this man people! IF you are not a praying person - PRAY ONE prayer for this man - Let us be reminded of the founding of our great nation and the evils that live amongst us. SAY A SILENT PRAYER - RIGHT NOW. Anything is possible with GOD - George Soros is mortal - He is not GOD - Let GOD Almighty deal with this monster.


Bush was the one who told them to come out the shadow yes they where flooding in when Clinton was blessing Americans with jobs along with the illegal immigrants


First of all learn to spell Chaney??? As for the rest of your post it is so stupid it does not deserve comment! Your obviously a left wing nut job who's been schooled by the media and you just know it's all true because you saw it on TV!


What you are saying about George Soros makes me want to pray to him as my God. thank you for letting me know he exists.

Kevin W. Clark

ITT: A bunch of paranoid antisemitic cowards who see conspiracy theories every time their shoelace comes untied. Call the rest of us when the shuttle lands, freaks.


soros is just another pawn SATAN people need to wake up.
prince william is the white horse.
putin is the red horse.
obama is the black horse.
and the pale horse will soon arrive. and if you think im full of
it then logg to prince william coat of his bloodline
connection...he iz the only one ever that haz fit all the info
for the antichrist. and many still wont believe just cause his
mother was princess diana.and her death was not an accident like
the evil royal family wants you to think.


It's not my place to judge anyone...we all fall short one way or another. None of us are perfect. There is one Judge over all...Jesus's His world...He will humble all the nations of can any of us escape His judgement. We all..."WE THE PEOPLE"...have a part in this countries colapse. To single out political people or the media is like putting out a scape goat. Let us rather pray for the humbling of our people...all people of this once fourishing country of the free. Surrender to the One who can heal our hearts and restore our nation to it's once "torch of hope" for all people. Amen.




May you rot in hell idiot


Just heard he profitted millions on our government dept ceiling agreement. How do we keep this from happening??

Rachael N. Jacobs

New reports state that Soros has "retired," which is a load of poppycock. The truth that came out was that he's given his investors their money back and is going to do things outside the conservatives and the media's radar. As for who is most evil, the answer is simple. Since Cecil John Rhodes came up with the new,improved Tower of Babel idea, a smorgasbord of plans were devised to implement its inception. Soros is the one who believes that destroy the USA will improve the chances of it happening before he dies. His entire family thinks and believes as he does, so his four sons will be the equivalent of Alexander the Great's four generals: Lysamacus, Ptolemais, Cassandra and the Selucid King, Antiochus (foreshadow of the coming anti-Christ). It was the Clintons who brought Soros to the USA and he is now Zero's puppetmaster. So, if you're looking for the most evil, your search should start more than a century ago and move forward from there. YOu will find lots of "most evil" folks along the way . . . most evil for their times.


What a pile of shit you are - you are a traitor to America.


Nice!! You are right - and his filthy little disciples.


"Don't misunderstand me, I don't say that the media have to score Soros as I do."

What is wrong with this sentence? Can you tell "me?"


Me me me me.......

Nicholas M.Gyore

The comments were originaly aimed to Mr.SOROS personaliti,nationality,and welth.There was mentions
many things about His Global activities,but let me suggest,that Mr. SOROS being a born hungarian if
He has any decency would rush to the help of the troubled nation,to show that His "roots"originated
from this land and should be obligated to act acordingly!He knows very well the existing financial
problems of the country,and He is the One,who can solve it!!!


sick sick sick........... you're all a bunch of sick morons


there is quite a long list of these evil scumbags. Soros is definitaly on this list, with kissinger, brewzinsky, rothschild, rokefellers and sooooo many others.

Brad Schrunk

This article didn't point out any facts. Can you actually point to anything real. I would actually need facts. I know most people don't ask for them but I am. What did he actually do that was so wrong. The Koch Brothers own ALEC a political group that is clearly manipulating even local politics. It it is documented.

Here is a search why is ALEC so bad.

Show me something like this on Soros real evidence not bullshit.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1226&bih=829


George Bush, GWB, Nixon, Ford, Teddy Roosevelt, Mitt Romney: What do they all have in common? They are all Progressive Republicans, AKA RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in essence, they are nothing more than slightly conservative Democrats. The only I repeat ONLY true Republican we have had in office in the past 100 years, which also happened to be THE BEST president in the past 100 years was the one and only Ronald Reagan. Support the TEA Party and watch Libertarianism replace Conservativism.

As for George Soros, he PAYS the media we all watch and live by to tell you what HE wants them to tell you. George Soros IS the media, because he pays ABC, NBC, FOX (YES, FOX), and CNN hundreds of millions of dollars per year, to brainwash Americans. We need to fight back with a Republican counterpart billionaire. Warren Buffet or Donald Trump come to mind.

As for the analogy of Soros to Darth Sidius (AKA The Emperor)?... AWESOME analogy. We just forgot to mention that Darth Vader is Barack Obama.


No, Sel Nguyen Duc, George Soros is the puppet master who controls Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes (yes, George Herbert Walker, GWB, and Jeb Bush)... He is a Nazi and Communist who MUST be squashed. Want more? Read "Cowards" by the Libertarian, Glenn Beck. His chapter on the Puppet Master will make you scared. Fight back, America! Take our nation back from the grips of Tyranny!!!


There is one who was above it all. One leader who was the guiding light of America. One who we must channel and find his successor. We need Ronald Reagan back! Can we raise him from the grave?


He may be Jewish by birth, but Soros is not Jewish by choice. He is a Nazi. He was born George Schwartz and his father changed the family name to Soros so as to avoid being picked off by Hitler. They then chose the Nazi side. Please don't put that wretched man's name next to the People of the Book again. He is NOT Jewish. Nor is he a good man.


Glenn Beck? I agree! A shining light and a man to follow!

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