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The article is pure garbage, and so are most of the comments.

Septu Remarku

Soros IS Satan. His name means to Soar, and it is no coincidence that it is the identical representation of Satan.


Soros is the perfect example of Life being imitated by art. Marvel sells the premise that WWII was won by the Allies and the world was normalized after the totalitarian threats, but in reality "HYDRA" took over - that is EXACTLY the case - we have just refused to see it for the reality that it is.


You are one of the very few that changed your mental course to realize that actually Putin is a better choice than Obama. At least in Russia Putin made laws to stop at least some types of immigration because he knows it would ultimately destroy the Russian status quo. But in the U.S. so many people say this is a nation of immigrants and so we should always accept more.

But White people, for the most part, stopped migrating to the U.S. and now it's a bunch of third worlder anti Whites. So, either our fate has been sealed or maybe enough Whites will wake up and overt doomsday.


I agree that Soros is a bad man, but you said some things that aren't true, and because I love the truth I must expose a lie when I see one. I assume that you like Democracy. I do. I like that the majority can decide their own fate, even if it takes them off of a cliff. Fortunately, people are smart enough to stay away from cliffs. I also suppose that you like state's rights. That state's should decide their own local laws, as long as they stay within the confines of the Constitution, is important in a Republic. And on to the point. The legalization of marijuana in Colorado was done through strict observance of state's rights and the Constitution. 59% of Colorado residence said yes to pot, the rest said no or undecided. That's Democracy at work. When you say that it is a Soros driven thing, you are lying, clearly. I am a Conservative, and I voted for legalization. I did this because I have very disciplined habits of reading and researching an issue before I make a decision about it. If you did the research you would not be able to get away from the fact that pot is less harmful than alcohol an nicotine. It is also less addictive.
You are not being honest with yourself. And, no, pot is not a magic communist drug. George Washington used to use it. So did many, many people before the 1950's. It seems to me that pot bugs your religious convictions, which are being twisted by another group of twisted people, your church leaders. If you really were concerned about your society you'd start another temperance movement because 30-40% of all homicides are alcohol related. But we know how that went down in the 1920's. I am amazed that conservative talk show hosts, who are self-proclaimed leaders of freedom an democracy, go on and on about the corrupt state of Colorado.
Funny, however, because almost every state in the union that has been polled, has decided to legalize marijuana. And why? Because they realize that putting people in cages for smoking a harmless weed is un-American. In America, we reserve jail cells for only the most corrupt individuals. So you, my friend, are also deceived and hold an element of evil and deceit within yourself, though not quite as twisted as Soros and your church leaders.

Shlomo Zalman Chaim Beauchamp

"With The Help Of Shomayim"

Indeed. George Soros (Yemach Shemo!) Is Absolutely, Evil!
He, As A Teenager, Allied Himself With The Nazis Against My People The Yidden. Turning Us Over To The Nazis To Be Gassed To Death & Burnt In The Ovens.
This Wretch Of A Creation Should Be Erased From The Surface Of This Planet & All Memory.


Crazy how far research can take us as a whole, huh?

Never thought, in a million years, that people would start to research things on their own, from multiple sources, and form their own logical opinions. Crazy bastards knew what they were talking about when they said, "knowledge is power." It truly is.

I encourage everyone reading this, lefty or righty, to never stop learning. If you know what you're up against, you cannot, as a whole. Lose.

Good day!


Wow! you voted for Oblamer twice! How very uninformed you must have been? Your husband should have divorced you the first time. I guess he isn't very bright either. Yes Putin is dead on the money. Well, I hope more panty waste libs wake up? It's a sad state of things here in the U.S. NOTICE I DIDN'T SAY "america" because america no longer exist. The liberals have given it to the minorities and the END is already behind us. All of this began with the idiots in the sixties. The flawless generation of the baby boomers (or so they would have us believe). They are the hypocrate generation who preached love and freedom. Then, when they came to power they ruled and regulated the next generations into a corner. I wish they would all die already. Bunch of pinko leftest. If I could time travel, I would go back and kill Wilson before he took us off the gold standard and gave our fate to the federal reserve banks. Oh well! Chaos works too.


Soros should have been hung next to eichmann. Why is he here? Anyone know where he hides, which rock does he slither under?

Geoff Boxer

The only good thing going for Soros is that he is old and. with a bit of luck, will die soon.

Mack Kidd

You are right Ray. Due to circumstances which could be debated as
how they came to be are facing us right in the face and our only alternative at this point is to cut off the head of the poison snake that continues to spread it's venom.


White Europeans didn't stop coming here on their own accord. They were prevented from coming here thanks to Teddy Kennedy's Immigration and Naturalization Law which decrease the number of Europeans allowed into the US in favor of taking those in from the 3rd. world.


I got bad news for you. He has a son, and his son is worse than he is.


it's just ...NOT out of hand.

more people LEFT and went BACK to Mexico last year.

I don't think we like the idea of taking "more"; we like the idea that people are taken care of.

You guys are all SO FUCKING GREEDY.

Who CARES if they're from MExico or they're from Syria or anywhere! They're all HUMANS.


Muslims, large and for the most part, are PEACEFUL PEOPLE. Yes, there are bad Muslims and bad Mexicans.

We prosecute them when it happens. Or if we can, catch them before it does.

But we can't live so God Damned Afraid of EVERYTHING.

We're liing in the best economy by any standards in 40 fucking years! Obama already MADE america GREAT again.

I mean, a single payer system--that illegals WOULD NOT HAVE ACCESS TO, THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS-- is what this coutry needs. I mean... Australia, New Zealand, the UK, most of western Europe, Ireland and pretty much EVERY SINGLE OTHER COUNTRY BUT US WHO IS FIRST WORLD has it. Why do weh ave to always be the one who lags behind? We should be the best and brightest! Some industries have ZERO incentive to do better with competition. People then start cutting costs and we should not be cutting time or costs EVER when it comes to someones health. Competition in HEALTH isn't GOOD.


Just because someone moves and shakes against your values, doesn't mean that they are an evil person- it just means that they have different values than you. I you feel threatened by anyone who has different values than you do, then you would consider 50% of the world to be evil.

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