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Wildcard... there is no such thing as Satan. But there is such thing as Soros. Fear him. Satan is not real, but Soros is and he is destroying our nation from the inside out, the top down AND bottom up. Please, someone, find him and wipe him off this earth!


Keith, I just told Wildcard there is no such thing as Satan. And there is no such thing as Jesus Christ, either. Neither one of them are on this earth. It's just us against them. We must rise up, as a people, and take our nation back! Don't pray to a false god, RISE UP! Take the power back! Return We The People to it's proper place!

Silly people

You are all muppets!!!!!!! Silly American muppets


Glen Beck is the zoo keeper throwing red meat of hate to you people and you are too gullable to see it. People like you are what make him millions, while you languish in mediocre incomes and he laughs about it. Enjoy your hate burger, Obama will have 4 more years, whick Beck will be happy about so they have more material to keep feeding you.


And you are a MORON.


And what does that make you Jimmy Boy? A Soros admirer? Piss off.


I checked you out on Facebook. So you're a Keith Olbermann fan, eh? You're obviously a leftwinger who hates the "evil" Conservatives. Before you mention bullshit, I suggest you look in the mirror. If you're so bloody clever, then why don't YOU do some research on Soros? Did that ever occur to you? Obviously not!


......Hungary does not want him....he tried last year to over throw the banking system there....he was fined millions......he is a man without a country......evil is right

Dan1 Mcneese


You Dumbass Americans are so stoopid


"So the cancer metastasizes, steadily, inexorably, perhaps irrevocably, as we die a death by a thousand cuts." What a bunch of pretentious, pseudo bullshit.


A pine box is too good foe he likes of him. I suggest a plastic bag.

Spurwing Plover

Sors and his various groups need to be banished from america forever and that also inclueds the wretched United Nations as well


Amazingly, Soros still survives. I'm agnostic. I neither believe nor disbelieve in God (as a benevolent almightly being). But I believe in evil, big time, and the possibility of there actually being a Satan. I'm very senior, and have had a very active live, and I'm still having trouble believing that such as Soros could actually exist. He is, beyond belief, the most over-the-top destructive and outright evil "person" I've ever researched; and I go back to WWII. Be calm and ride out whatever is happening. I'm writing this years after your comment, but be advised that Soros has many, many backers. Even if he were to go there are apparently many ultra-rich "associates" who might carry on the evil.


Once again, as in my comment to Locust, I'm writing this years after your comment. I agree completely with your assessment of the media. Period. However, we have just discovered Aljazeera, America on cable. You must check them out. At least for the moment, its all news all the time. Complete and balanced. Incredible. I wonder how long they'll last!


Right on. However, bear in mind that Buffet and Trump combined couldn't begin to match Soros, financially or in cunning, and his, apparently many, associates. For one thing I don't believe either Buffet or the Donald is an outright psychopath. As I've already said, I can't believe that Soros is still at it. Albeit, he is really only the very high-profile tip of a very large global iceberg. That thought is even more daunting than the idea that "the cheese stands alone."


This is now February, 2014. I don't see a single politician worth the powder to blow him up who could get elected to the presidency in 3 years. The Obama/Clinton Democratic base grows, literally, by the minute. I'm NOT racist, but I'm a really old realist. The Democratic base at this moment is solidly African American and, to a slightly less degree, Hispanic (all races). In the U.S. a Hispanic youngster reaches age 18 every 30 seconds. Three years to go, do the math. Projecting with this data it will be Clinton (Soros) by a landslide. Maybe we old-time U.S. folk can think of something (?).


It's very open now (this is 5 years after your comment). Mr. Soros is the complete foundation for both Clintons, Barack Obama and, to a greater or lesser degree, for many other American U.S. politicos; both parties, but especially and openly the Democratic ("Progressives" wow). His enormously wealthy associates own ALL aspects of the media, and as has been true since the thirties, they have the majority in the film and TV (entertainment branch) industries sharing their ultra-liberal social goals, including, of course, socialized medicine. So long as any taxpayer, whoever of them that can get pinned down, gets to pay most of the bill. If there is a God, may he/she help us. Because apparently no one else can. And I'm not just talking U.S. I mean the whold enchilada. EVERY country is up against this incredibly destabilizing massive force.


Absolutely. This is 2 1/2 years after your comment. I believe not just Soros and sons, by any means, are engaging in jumping in when countries are in turmoil. I seem to see many fellow travelers in the game for fun and BIG profit, but Soros must be the alltime achiever for acquiring enormous wealth and power without besmirching his skirts. It's by no means just the U.S. of course. They're represented all over the globe! Once again, if there is a God, may he or she help those of us who seek civility and "balance." That always-present hope for a step forward, in evolution (?). We need it.


This is a couple of years after your comment. By now, if you're interested, you may have found the MANY sites regarding Mr. Soros and the multitude of associates and underlings. They're out there, just enter his name and stand back.


This is over a year later. It is true that many very desperate people have come over the border since the late 60's. I'm a real oldtimer from Hollywood CA since the mid-40's. Downscale, not Mt. Olympus Hollywood. The population inflow has been staggering since the mid 60's. While countless needy and desperate poor have experienced an improvement in life, many lower and middle class U.S., certainly native-born Californians, have had a jolting downward drop. Some of us have managed. I'm apparently one of those, thanks to a solid education through good high schools MANY years ago. Many haven't been so fortunate. If we look at the big picture, the ideal would be to assist those in need without sending the U.S. into the toilet in the process. True the wealthiest among us are doing just fine. The wealthiest always do. Maybe the "just folks" among us, who don't "discriminate", ever, and just want to provide a decent, relatively law-abiding, environment to raise healthy, tolerant families could use a break. I don't see one coming. any time soon.


Jesus Christ apparently did live. Whether or not he's still "active" is kind of moot. God may or may not exist. Define God. Perhaps the belief in a just and benevolent being would have to be questioned. Evil, on the other hand (surely?) can't be denied. Perhaps there can be a Satan without an opposing force. It's a thought. He/She certainly seem to be having a ball, worldwide, at this time.


Alas, a year and a half later, he, and his family and associates are not without a country...they are with many countries. The most conspicuous of this large, almost omnipotent, group has just re-married. Perhaps he will honor us with yet more issue. Have a nice day.


Without going racial AT ALL. This is years later and "thuggery" has indeed hit, for real, in urban centers across the entire U.S., seemingly especially in the mid-west. Can't imagine why the poor souls there seem so deserving of special attention when it comes to violent street crime. Oh, heavens, could it be the oldtime "middle americans" need some kind of "lesson." Especially with head trauma? MANY years ago, in L.A., I heard that street criminals would then go for brain damage over homicide in altercations. The end result could in reality be much worse than death, and the legal penalties were less severe. This, in the extremely unlikely event that they'd even be apprehended. At that time no mention was made, AT ALL, about race of perps. My acquaintances were LAPD, anglo, African American and Mexican American officers-35 years ago. A true curse could be to be advised of upcoming horrors, and not have the ability to do a dang thing to stop them. So be it.


This is 2014. Look where we are today. Heaven help us (if it can). Of course the truly wealthy are fine. No offense. They always are. At the risk of blowing up our entire computer network, may I very gingerly suggest that, AT THE MOMENT, the only "balanced" view in the entire cockamammy world, MAY be, the vision of (heaven help me) President Putin (gasp). At least what's available to us. I'm NOT a social extremist, but what we are experiencing, on ALL levels in the U.S., certainly would seem to be REAL social extremism at work. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water! I'm a registered democrat who voted for Obama twice. My husband almost filed for divorce. Every bit of my smart-aleck attitude is now history. How wrong could I be. Regards to all, and have a good day.


Dont know if this site is still active, but here goes

I predict that Texas will start a secesion move in the next 5 years.

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